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Businesses and companies in your industry use Accent Away
Our experienced staff of certified and licensed speech-language pathologists has specialized training in helping professionals improve their pronunciation skills and overall communication of standard American English.
The courses at Accent Away begin where ESL (English as a second language) courses end. Most other courses teach grammar and vocabulary, but fail to address the acquisition of new sounds, rhythm and intonation. Improving one's accent requires specialized intervention by experts. Even after exposure to a new language, adult speech patterns become extremely resistant to change without professional intervention.
We offer a wide variety of courses designed to meet the communication needs of professionals who use English as their second language.
Our courses help to improve communication in the workplace, resulting in increased productivity for the company.
Individuals who take our courses develop a greater sense of overall confidence at work.
We conveniently offer courses at your place of employment.
We offer complimentary screenings to determine eligibility for our courses.

Accent Away addresses the following communication needs of international professionals:
Pronunciation Professional Vocabulary
Presentation Skills Grammar
Voice Projection Intonation
Telephone Skills Word Stress
Interviewing Skills Complete Word Production

Who we work with:
Pharmaceutical Companies
Training & Development Departments
National and International Companies
Research & Development Departments
Key Executives and Professionals
Candidates from any Language Background
Potential Leaders
Directors of Human Services
Law Firms
Medical Practices
Chemical Companies
CEOs and CFOs
Professionals who want to maximize their potential in the workplace

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