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"My experience with Accent Away was excellent. I recently completed my classes and I still want more; it was one of the best investments in my professional (and personal) development. Jodi (of Accent Away) works wonders with diverse clients plus she is a delight to work with.
Y.C. AstraZeneca

"Reducing foreign accents and improving verbal communication skills may be the most neglected areas of many non-native English speakers. I highly recommend Jodi's courses. They will help you become more effective in the workplace, and minimize or even eliminate one of the many barriers to success in your professional career."
Kent Cheng, Finance Director, Dow Chemical Company

"In today's environment, the need to use video and conference calls to increase productivity has highlighted the need to speak clearly, concisely and with confidence. As a French Canadian with my own speaking accent, it was obvious that my English pronunciation was not always easy for my audience. I definitely greatly benefited from the speech training provided by Jodi Finkel; the improvement was rapidly noticeable. I would recommend this small investment to anyone. Not only does it improve your communication, but also helps your self confidence to speak in public."
Jacques Croisetiere CFO Rohm and Haas Company

"I highly recommend the company Accent Away. I took several courses with Jodi Finkel to improve my professional communication skills. In my position as CEO of a large company, it is imperative that I communicate effectively and efficiently. I am frequently in a position in which I am presenting information to groups, teleconferencing, and meeting with other executives as well as outside companies. My instructor, Jodi Finkel, demonstrated an exceptional ability to determine the specific areas of my speech in need of improvement, and hone in on the skills and techniques that would be most beneficial to me."
Pierre R. Brondeau CEO of FMC Corporation

"I have studied for the last 15 years, but this was the first time that I was in the right class to learn how to speak English properly. The lecturer used outstanding class materials and helped me to start with the basic consonants and vowels; then we worked on total sound production. It was a good approach, because after the twelve sessions my English pronunciation was greatly improved. The lecturer had high qualifications and was very professional and enthusiastic in teaching. It was a wonderful class. I highly recommend this English speech improvement program for non-native English speakers or for those who need help to improve their accent."
Tongsheng Wang, First USA Bank, Wilmington Delaware

"I am pleased to write this recommendation on behalf of Jodi Finkel. I had the privilege to participate in a series of Presentation Skills training sessions conducted personally by Jodi. She demonstrated a deep knowledge of her field and utilized an impressive experience base that were clearly reflected in a highly professional, yet a warmly human approach. Her in-depth analysis and the use of very effective methods, personally tailored to me, provided immediate results that I believe will be long-lasting.I heartily recommend Jodi Finkel to you."
Petr Kocis, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

"I have made significant progress in my pronunciation and my communication skills. My teacher picked up many mistakes and arranged my sessions accordingly to correct them. My teacher's correction was very effective. For example, I can naturally pronounce short 'u' and 'i' which I had a very hard time pronouncing before."
S.C. Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals

"The foreign accent class I took greatly improved my speech at work and socially. I feel more confident about my English. My teacher was excellent and very professional."
S.J. Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals

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